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A lesson in race relations

In the days of segregation, my mother, my father, and a young baseball player named Billy provided me with a lesson in race relations that I’ll never forget. Race relations is about doing the right thing. Regardless of the color of our skin.

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The 7 levels of leadership

My friend Kathy Wright has written an article entitled The 7 levels of leadership that is required reading for anyone who wants to understand what

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A Memorial Day Tribute

By Jim Whitt As this was our first trip to France we suffered from a perpetual state of directional disability. And that is how we

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A Superhuman Race

By Jim Whitt We’ve all seen the devastation of the fires that have swept across the Great Plains recently destroying lives and livelihoods. In its

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Business Etiquette Essentials…

December 27th, 2016 by Purpose Unlimited As Aine Cain states in her recent article, 22 Business-Etiquette Rules Every Professional Should Know, having an understanding of

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