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Monsters and Mister Rogers

In 2020 everything we see in the news is scary. It’s like a never-ending horror movie where a two-headed monster — pandemic and pandemonium — roams the earth seeking whom it may devour. One head spews a poisonous virus like a Biblical plague. The other morphs into a legion of masked demons that run rampant in the streets rioting, looting and burning. It is not a beautiful day in the neighborhood. The monster attacks its victims physically but exacts an even greater toll psychologically. The result is anxiety, fear, anger and frustration.

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What is normal?

COVID-19 turned the world upside down. Then the death of George Floyd set it on fire. Since then it gets a daily dose of gasoline from pundits, politicians and protesters. As it burns, we wonder, “Will the world ever be normal again?” The answer depends on your definition of normal.

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Before I die…

Every day we are bombarded with updates of the coronavirus death toll. It’s a reminder that we can die at any time. We can turn the crisis into an opportunity for growing and getting better. It might cause us to live our lives differently…

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Kent Stroman on the Transformational Power
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The Power of Purposeful Leadership

Jim Whitt