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20 Questions for 2020

We’ve used this process to completely restructure organizations. It not only clarifies existing roles but identifies roles that need to be created and those that need to be eliminated. When the right people are in the right roles it’s like putting round pegs in round holes and square pegs in square holes. Everything fits. Productivity, synergy and morale improve dramatically.

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Giving what is most difficult to give: What Doc Lunsford taught me about Christmas

The following story about Doc Lunsford was published on December 23, 1991. It remains one of my favorites. So much so that I decided to make it a tradition and share it with our subscribers each Christmas. At a time when Christmas seems to have lost much of its meaning in our hectic lives, it is my sincere desire that this story about Doc would remind us of what we are truly celebrating. Have a Merry Christmas and a Purposeful 2020!

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The Age of Disruption

We are living in the age of disruption. Of course, the world has always been in a state of disruption, but it’s now happening at warp speed. It’s affecting every industry and field of endeavor. It’s not a question of whether your world is going to be disrupted, it’s a matter of choosing to be the disrupter or the disrupted. If you choose not to be a disrupter you will be playing catch up in a game where you probably won’t catch up. But if you choose to be a disrupter be prepared — you will be attacked by the disrupted.

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Kent Stroman on the Transformational Power
of Purpose

Riding for the Brand:
The Power of Purposeful Leadership

Jim Whitt