Breaking Down Walls for More Effective Communication

by Purpose Unlimited

The uncertainty and high tensions of our world and political landscape have made us emotionally raw. Everywhere you turn it feels like your fundamental beliefs are under attack and for some even your very existence as a human being. With that in mind, how do you have more effective conversations with friends, family and coworkers when argumentative and verbally aggressive statements are bound to happen? In a recent article by Dina Giovale, Content Specialist for TTI Success Insights, there are a few things that need to be considered, including…

  • The “You vs. Me Debate”
  • A “We Mentality” Leads to More Effective Communication
  • And More…
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Know that you can’t change someone else’s views and beliefs. But, you can reframe how you view these interactions. When we learn more about how we impact each other by our words and actions, we take a big step toward success in business and in life.

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