Business Etiquette Essentials…

by Purpose Unlimited

As Aine Cain states in her recent article, 22 Business-Etiquette Rules Every Professional Should Know, having an understanding of etiquette rules is essential if one chooses to put their “best foot forward,” so to speak…

Aine’s list is taken from a book entitled, The Essentials of Business Etiquette, by Barbara Pachter. In her book, Barbara writes about specific things that business professionals must know in order to conduct themselves appropriately in professional, yet social settings.

After reviewing Cain’s article, here are seven things that stuck out to us at Purpose Unlimited:

  1. Stand when you’re being introduced to someone
  2. Always initiate the handshake if you’re the higher-ranking person or host
  3. Only say ‘Thank You’ once or twice during the conversation
  4. Send separate thank-you notes to everyone involved
  5. Put away your phone
  6. If you forgot someone’s name admit it!
  7. Be punctual

Read the Full Article: Aine Cain


This list of 22 business etiquette rules is enlightening. In fact, it even made us think of some things we hadn’t thought of before. To see the full list, click here to read the full article.

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