Tough Times

By Jim Whitt

In my last issue I told you about my case of Writer’s Block which has resulted in me not being able to write for several weeks. I have to tell you it was painful to admit that. I felt like I had let all of you down. It’s not easy to tell your readers that you’ve run out of ideas.

Turns out it was the best thing I could have done. Many of you emailed to not only encourage me but to offer ideas on how I might overcome my problem. I received phone calls from old friends and longtime clients.

Here’s an excerpt from one email:  “I had been wondering and I thought maybe somehow my name was removed for the list.  I love Jim Whitt’s communication to let his loyal readers know he is taking a break.  I also like to know this human side of him.  I have those times in my life as well.”

Yes, I am very human. As this reader points out we all have those times in life. It makes me think of a preacher I knew who wrote this reminder in the front of his Bible: “Remember, everyone is going through a tough time.”

All of us go through tough times. Your tough time may be a different than my tough time but it is still tough for you. We tend to look at other people and think they have life easier than us but they don’t. The great thing about being able to admit that we’re going through a tough time is that we find out other people care and want to help us.

When we see someone else going through a tough time we need to remember they need a little encouragement. That’s all I needed. Thanks to all of you who provided it in the form of an email or phone call.

That encouragement is all it took to prime my pump. I’m starting to feel the inspiration flow again. And some of those ideas I received will likely end up in future articles that hopefully will encourage you when you’re going through a tough time.  

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