So God Made a Farmer

By Jim Whitt

The best commercial of the Super Bowl, in my opinion, was the late Paul Harvey narrating So God Made a Farmer.

This moving tribute to the people who feed the world is well deserved. Those involved in production agriculture are ground zero for our food chain. They produce not only what we eat but provide much of what clothes us, powers us, shelters us and supplies critical ingredients for things we never even think about but use every day.

MP2 TV created a version of So God Made a Farmer more than a year ago that features friends and clients of mine. You can watch it at While you’re there poke around the MP2 site and you’ll find out more about the people and organizations who are making our planet more productive so we can enjoy the least expensive, safest, highest quality and most abundant food supply in the history of the world.

The website is still in its infancy but I wanted to give you a sneak preview. The Wichita Eagle featured an article by Mark Vierthaler that shares what MP2 is and why it is important. I’ll be sharing more about MP2 in the near future so stay tuned.

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