Road Signs for Success – April 16, 2008

By Kay Caldwell

One of my many passions is selling real estate. I love seeing a person’s eyes light up as they walk through a home and they turn to me and say, “Kay, this is my house!” I smile and say, “I know.”  It is rewarding to find a home that really means something to a buyer. When I walk into a home, I can immediately feel if the house was one of love, family, history, neglect or desertion. I can sense if it was well cared for and protected. For most of us, where we live is our safe haven from the outside world. I started to wonder why.
One of my theories is that I believe in the fact that the house “protects the dreamer.” Where you live holds your spirit, feelings, power, moods, ideas, desires and hopefully, love. Some think of it as just a dwelling but it takes on the person almost like the land around you does. In wine vineyards, owners will tell you the grape takes on the influences of the land, the weather and the people. The flavor comes from spices in the earth, wind, rain and the character of those who own and work the vineyards. It is one of those phenomenons we hear about. It’s the same with your dreams. You have taken on influences throughout your life that have taught or guided you to what it is you want out of life and who you are.

I often meet other speakers, consultants and coaches in my world. There are those that are creative dreamers — I want to hang around them. Then, there are those that simply do not have it. You wonder why they picked a career that doesn’t suit their personality — it is so obvious they have no vision for themselves much less that of others. How many boring speeches have you sat through? I have yawned through many, wishing I had spent that $200 I paid to attend their presentation on a full body massage and a facial instead. I am of the opinion that if you choose to speak, consult, coach or train others, you need to be good at it. I use the saying “fake it until you make it” but if you can’t even fake it, it is time to rethink your job. Have you ever met someone and wondered why they are so dull? As you visit with them you discover that they have no dreams, nothing to look forward to and no excitement for the day or the future. I always walk away from those types of people feeling a little empty. I want to tell them, “No matter what, always keep your childlike innocence, it is the most important thing.” Children can lie on the grass and watch the clouds for hours, I use to do it. You dream of becoming whatever your heart desires. You know in those moments no one can tell you that you can’t be your dream. Your imagination can run wild just wondering about the shapes of the clouds and how wispy and willowy they seem. Your dreams in this state are limitless.

Howard Ikemoto shared a story I love. His young daughter asked him what he did for a living to which he replied, “I am a professor at the college. I teach people how to draw.” She responded incredulously, “You mean they forget?” Have you forgotten how to draw? It is your time to dream. If it means going to the hills, laying in the grass and simply looking up to the sky for a sign, take the time to do your dreaming. Never let anyone squelch your dreams. You are still that same wonderfully, creative child, with an imagination that soars. Reclaim your innocence. Dream your dreams and make them happen!

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