Road Signs For Success

By Kay Caldwell

Last week was a good reminder to me of the heart gifts people give freely. As some of you know, one of the several hats I wear is that of a realtor. A week ago, I was showing a home and upon departing, I caught my high heel on the stone walk way in front of a house and fell down a hill. My first thought was embarrassment, my next thought was pain. I saw bruises but my ankle hurt the most. After hobbling to the car, I told my clients we had one more house to see and after that, I was going to the emergency room.  “Some realtors will do anything for a sale,” one of them said and we all laughed.

I drove to the emergency room at Baylor Hospital and immediately the employees met me with a wheel chair. As luck would have it, they were not busy and put me in a room with an icepack for my ankle (which was now twice its size). My son arrived just in time to hear the news that my ankle was broken and that I wouldn’t be able to drive for 6-8 weeks.

My son kicked into high gear. He works full time and is going to school in the evenings to complete his masters degree in psychology so he is not a guy with a lot of time. He made arrangements to take me to the specialist the next day. He stayed with me several evenings, making sure I had food, set up a system for me to shower and supplied plenty of reading material. Of course, all I wanted to do was sleep due to the pain medication. In the meantime, my cousin from west Texas called and asked about staying at my house while they were in Dallas for a conference. I told her I would love that but explained my limited situation. She quickly replied, “We will stay and help you.” That was music to my ears. If you knew me, you would know I normally go Mach 1 with my hair on fire, so to be told I am out of commission for 6-8 weeks has really put me in a spin.  I am usually the rescuer not the rescued so this was a role reversal for me.

My broken ankle is a reminder of how wonderful my family and friends are. They give from the heart their gifts of time, talent, expertise and genuine love. I call these heart gifts. Author, Helen Steiner Rice sums this up nicely in a poem.

It is not the things that can be bought
That is life’s riches treasures —
Its priceless little courtesies
That money cannot measure.
It’s some little act of graciousness
Or some kindly, little favor
That fills the heart with gratitude
And leaves memories to savor.

We can’t measure graciousness and kindness and yet they are the most remembered treasures. With the holidays upon us, it seems the perfect time for a yearly reunion in heart and thought of renewing friendships and remembering.  As time passes, seek opportunities that come your way to share what is right with the world and not so much what is wrong. 

My wish is that your holidays are filled with love, fun, treasures, wonderful memories and all the heart gifts that come your way and especially those you give to others!

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