Road Signs For Success

By Jim Whitt

Imagine that you have just arrived for a job interview with me. I’ve already read your resume´ and I like what I’ve read — or else you wouldn’t be sitting in front of me. I’ve narrowed my choice for the position down to you and one other candidate. Your qualifications are a push — you both have the education and experience I’m looking for. Now, the only thing left for me to make my decision on who gets the job will be based on a few things. How do you handle yourself in the interview? Are you professional in your appearance and your actions? Are you likeable and friendly? OK, you’ve passed those tests. Now, it gets down to who is best equipped for the job behaviorally. So here are my questions for you:

• How do you deal with problems and challenges — are you aggressive or more analytical?
• What kind of communicator are you — do you use facts and figures or are you more verbal?
• Do you perform best in a defined environment or one with more variety?
• Do you do things by the book or do you see options?
• Are you a theoretical thinker?
• Do you value aesthetics or are you more utilitarian?
• Are you more individualistic or more social?
• Are you a traditionalist?

Tough questions aren’t they? How do you think you did? Sorry, I really like you but the other candidate answered the questions more specifically with confidence and absolutely no hesitation. In fact, he even validated his answers with a couple of reports he shared with me in the interview.

You could have, too. Here’s how. I’m going to give you two personalized online reports that will enable you to accurately answer all of the above questions — and I won’t charge you a nickel. Am I a nice guy or what? These two reports retail for $165 but we’re offering them to you at no charge through April 30. Go to and enter link code 94107SQS. You’ll then complete the online questionnaires that generate the reports which will be sent to you immediately via email. If you’d like to see sample reports, go to

We have clients on both sides of the interview process who use these reports. In addition to job selection, we use these reports to help clients with new employee orientation, performance plans and retention strategies for key employees, coaching, mentoring, leadership development and conflict resolution. The benefits include improved efficiency and productivity, reduced turnover and increased job satisfaction — all of which are critical to your organization’s bottom line. Here’s another application you’ll want to consider. After seeing these reports a typical response we hear from people is, “Boy, I want my wife (or husband or whatever the case may be) to do this too.” Well, why not? You’ll find these reports will reveal behavioral traits that are critical to the success of any relationship — on or off the job. So, feel free to forward this offer to your significant other.

Today’s economy is sorting the workplace. Those who choose to maximize their potential will rise to the top and those who don’t are probably very nervous. You have to know how you are designed if you want to want to reach your full potential. These reports are your personal operating manuals.

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