Never Forget a Name Again!

by Purpose Unlimited

Do you eve find it difficult to remember someone’s name? I know I do. What is it that makes remembering someone’s name so hard? According to Nicolas Cole, in a recent article on, “it’s usually because you’re focused on a million different pieces of information at once. For example, you are thinking about what you are going to say next; how you’re going to respond next; and you’re even aware of other people around you, and what they may be saying as well. As a result of all of this data overload, when the person you are speaking with does finally mention their name, we often miss it. Fortunately, there’s a simple networking hack. Here it is in a nutshell:

  • Introduce yourself, and ask the person’s name.
  • As you shake a person’s hand, ask them again to clarify their name. “Sarah?”
  • They will reply, “Yes, Sarah.”
  • “Got it! Pleasure to meet you Sarah.”

You’ve now heard the name a total of four times: the first time she said it, with three follow-ups. It’s now embedded in your short-term memory. Now, it’s time to leverage technology.

Read the Full Article: Nicolas Cole


We live in a world where anything can be accessed via the Internet. If you can’t remember something, we Google it. If we don’t know how to get somewhere, we look it up on an online map. Can’t remember a phone number, look it up in your digital directory. So, as Nicolas says in conclusion to his article, why not apply the same logic to remembering people’s names?

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