I’m coming out of the closet

By Jim Whitt

For those of you who read what I write on a regular basis you know that I push the envelope. I am, after all, a professional provoker.

That being said I have always tried to throttle back my more radical opinions in my eletter. While I intend to provoke, I never intend to offend. Sometimes that’s impossible to do on hot button issues such as religion, politics or what’s the best breed of cattle.

Last November I published an eletter entitled An open letter to the President: You’re right, we’re lazy. I received a request from the California Political Review to post it on their blog. It was so well received they asked me to become a regular contributor. Since then I’ve written several pieces for them and they haven’t fired me yet. Some of what I’ve written for them I considered to be too political for my subscribers and have not published them in my eletter. But now I’ve decided to come out of the closet.

My Twitter profile describes me as a consultant, author, columnist, speaker, and advocate for agriculture, capitalism, liberty, limited government and purpose in life and in business. That’s who I am. The reason for my outing is because I am deeply concerned about the state of our nation and intend to spend more time writing on the topics of capitalism, liberty and limited government.

My most recent piece published by the review is entitled An Open Letter to President Obama: Nobody else will run your business. If you want to read it go to http://tinyurl.com/chcjx5w. Please share it and/or comment on it whether you agree or disagree with my point of view. I believe we all should exercise our first amendment rights and thank God for that privilege.

If you want to read anything else of mine at the California Political Review just type my name in the search bar on their site. And you can subscribe to their eletter for free.

If you do social media connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and of course at www.PurposeUnlimited.com.

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