Humility – A Primal Virtue with Modern Value

by Purpose Unlimited

According to an article on Mark’s Daily Apple, humility tends to be a value that is in short supply today. According to the author, “In truth, little in our culture today encourages a humble disposition.” In addition, it is noted that, for one reason or another, it’s the “loudest, boldest, and (often) most obnoxious voices that garner our attention.”

So, what does humility mean to the human condition as it is today? The article suggests the following:

  • Situating one’s self-concept within the steadying perspective of a broader backdrop
  • Moving through life and relationships and business valuing ourselves, but deciding to see our place and choices through a broader lens
  • Living a life of purpose doesn’t equate to indulging in pomposity
  • People living from humility will position their purpose within a greater circle of reflections
  • Humble people will be more trustworthy and therefore attract others who want to partner for mutual advantage

Learn More: Mark’s Daily Apple, May 26, 2016.


“When humility is cultivated, people don’t get lost in the entitlement lie that tells them they don’t need to work for what they want. As the author suggests, “Showing up and taking part with a health dose of humility not only fosters our own sense of self-discipline, but it opens the door to the benefits of communal belonging and endeavor – what we’re all wired to appreciate.”

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