GREAT Customer Service

It seems like bad customer service gets the most attention … maybe because sometimes it seems that it’s much more common or normal than good customer service. I’ve noticed there are a lot of instances of fairly good customer service that we experience every day … the kind that is okay but nothing to write home about. The kind that is usually the norm for a lot of businesses. Well, there’s nothing “normal” about the customer service we get from Geek Rescue, a computer support business here in Tulsa.

When you call the office, your first contact is usually with Brandy, who is friendly, professional, and has such a pleasant voice she could do voice-overs. If she can’t solve the problem, she will refer you to one of a cadre of competent technicians who can. Many times, they can fix the problem by either walking you through the steps of what you need to do or by remote viewing where they can connect to your computer from their office and fix it while you watch. We’ve taken our computer into one of their three locations for a fix and also had their expert technicians come to our home office to fix the problem. Most of the time, we can get help from the same technicians who have helped us in the past. Not only do we know them, they know our systems. So there are multiple ways of resolving the problem quickly and efficiently. The point is … the problem gets resolved, usually on the same day that we’ve called.

The “geeks” we’ve dealt with are not only competent, they are personable. That can be an unusual combination in a highly technical, detail oriented person. We’ve found that in most organizations, people tend to hire people like themselves. That’s true at Geek Rescue …. from the standpoint that Damon, one of the founders with whom we’ve had a lot of interaction, is a unique combination of personality traits for a computer geek. He’s very intelligent, competent and professional and he’s also very personable, likeable, fun. Many times, we’ve gone to Damon for help with a computer problem, advice about a software program  or computer we were thinking of buying, help with our website, even advice about a digital camera. There’s no one we place higher trust in to give us good advice and guidance.

I could give innumerable examples of good customer service provided by Geek Rescue but this is starting to sound like a commercial. I’ll just say that if you have a computer-related need, whatever it is, there is no one I could more highly recommend than Geek Rescue … fast, efficient service; professional; friendly; highly competent; trustworthy; current-up-to-date knowledge; enjoyable to do business with.

They do a lot more than I’ve described here … check out their website …

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