Good coffee and good customer service at Border’s

By Sondra Whitt

A friend and I stopped by the coffee shop in a nearby Borders bookstore recently and part of the fun was seeing how much the young barista was enjoying his job. He informed me that he was going to make me the best cup of coffee I’d have all weekend – and then he did! When I declined the whipped cream on my Chocolate Raspberry Kiss, he suggested that he could use sugar-free raspberry syrup and then I could get the whipped cream. Since I was already having such a decadent cup of coffee, I wasn’t really concerned about the calories, but he was so enthusiastic that I agreed to his suggestion. Then he decorated the whipped cream with swirls of chocolate and a miniature ginger-bread man cookie, telling me that the little guy couldn’t swim so I’d need to eat him fast. It was so refreshing to do business with someone who so obviously enjoyed their work. He told me he was planning on opening a coffeeshop in downtown Tulsa and, with his great attitude, I have no doubt that he’ll be very successful.

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