Glory Riders ride again

Gerald Daniels & Me

On Friday I’ll be back in the saddle again with the Glory Riders in Fort Worth’s Parade of Lights. Last year over 450,000 people lined the streets for the parade. There are lots of other events taking place, too. For the schedule of events go to

The purpose of the Glory Riders is to share the love, mercy, and saving grace of God by presenting the Bible in the western tradition. I’ve had the opportunity to ride with them in several parades and they usually take the top prize in their category. The riders are all mounted on white horses and dressed as angels. They stand in the saddle throughout the parade. What’s fun is to see the faces of the people – especially the kids – when the Glory Riders pass by. They break into applause. My friend Gerald Daniels and I will be leading the group carrying the banner. Check out the Glory Rider’s site at

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