Cosmo Cafe

By Jim Whitt

Sondra and I made our weekly trek to the Cosmo Cafe to see our favorite server Katie. Last week we told Katie that we will be going to Normandy to spend a week in a villa with our friends Bill and Nancy Lauterbach from Kansas City. Well, we found out that Katie has a degree in French and has been to France so we have made her our official expert on all things France. She was pretty busy tonight so we had to skip our French lesson. But it worked out fine because her friend Hosea waited on us.

Katie told us that Hosea is a screamer. A screamer? That’s what she said and told us to ask him about it. Now, before I continue I want to tell you that Hosea provided us with a great example of Common Sense Customer Service (see our previous postings on the subject). Sondra and I wanted to split the Goulash and I made that request of Hosea. I liked his answer, “I can make that happen, sir.” What a great response! I can make that happen! But now back to the scream.

“So,” I asked Hosea, “I understand you’re a screamer?” Hosea went on to tell us that he is a member of a band called Central Tragedy (no, that’s not a misprint) and he is the band’s screamer. I’ve heard of lead singers but never heard of a lead screamer before. I told Hosea I had a great idea for a tag-line for his band. Central Tragedy: We’re a Scream!

So, if you want to meet a real live lead screamer, stop in at the Cosmo Cafe and look up Hosea. Be sure to say hi to Katie, too, and tell her we sent you by. If she doesn’t answer in French, let me know and I’ll get her straightened out.

 Au revoir.

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