Can “Praise Addiction” Mess With Your Career?

by Purpose Unlimited

In a day and age when everyone seems to get a trophy regardless of how they place, is it possible to get addicted to praise. And as a result, can it really mess with our career progression? In a recent article at, J.T. O’Donnell suggests that we should not let praise become our professional demise. According to her, compliments can actually be a bribe that may be holding us back in our careers.

Here’s why, and some things we should consider as well:

  • Without intrinsic motivation, our careers may suffer.
  • Parents and teachers pay you with praise. Companies pay with cash.
  • Smart companies are branding their incentive strategy.
In addition, if you are addicted to praise, you have two options:
  1. Seek employment with companies that will gladly feed the addiction.
  2. Get help breaking your addiction to praise by learning how to be more intrinsically motivated in your career.

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Team members who lack intrinsic motivation are the ones most likely to become addicted to praise. They also tend to be the team members who are ultimately least fulfilled in the workplace.

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