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Monsters and Mister Rogers

In 2020 everything we see in the news is scary. It’s like a never-ending horror movie where a two-headed monster — pandemic and pandemonium — roams the earth seeking whom it may devour. One head spews a poisonous virus like a Biblical plague. The other morphs into a legion of masked demons that run rampant in the streets rioting, looting and burning. It is not a beautiful day in the neighborhood. The monster attacks its victims physically but exacts an even greater toll psychologically. The result is anxiety, fear, anger and frustration.

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Being comfortable with being uncomfortable

We have no idea what will happen as a result of coronavirus pandemic. More people will suffer and die. But when you look at life on a continuum over many years this is normal. What is not normal is the idea that we should not have to experience any degree of pain or should ever have to be uncomfortable. The economy will turn around. The markets will go up. New businesses and jobs will be created. That’s normal. But to expect things to remain that way is not.

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