Riding For The Brand

This is going to be the most unique book on motivation, leadership and organizational development you’ve ever read. Why? It’s a Western that is set in the future.

The story revolves around two men – Bob Fooshee, a free-lance writer and Burns Marcus, a rancher who builds a business empire. The year is 2030 and Foshee is dispatched by a magazine to write about Marcus, whose ranch was near bankruptcy 25 years earlier. It was at that time that Marcus, searching for answers, attended the cattlemen’s convention in San Antonio and heard a speaker who provoked him to radically change the way he approached his business. This was the catalyst that led Marcus to start Diamond Enterprises, which becomes the model organization of the 21st century. While interviewing Burns at his ranch in Oklahoma, Bob rides pasture, ropes a few steers and discovers the key to Burns Marcus’ success – the power of purposeful leadership.

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