Jim Whitt Biopic

Jim Whitt did not take the road most traveled on his way to becoming a business consultant, writer, speaker and film producer. He grew up working on farms, ranches and feedlots, earned a degree in animal science at Oklahoma State University and spent a dozen years in sales and marketing with two Fortune 500 companies. It was the discovery of his purpose on March 21, 1988 – to help people reach their full potential – that transformed his life and that took him for a ride on the road less traveled.

As a result, he founded Purpose Unlimited to help people and businesses reach their full potential. Having personally experienced the transformational power of purpose, he developed a process to help others do the same. He then developed a process to help leaders create purpose-driven organizations. Those processes are detailed in two of his books, The Transformational Power of Purpose: Finding and Fulfilling Your Purpose in Life and Riding for the Brand: The Power of Purposeful Leadership. He later founded PurposeUnlimited.org, a nonprofit to transform lives, leaders, organizations and communities.

Jim's nontraditional background and education have provided him with a unique perspective in the field of personal and organizational development. He views motivation and leadership from three perspectives – scientific, psychological and spiritual – which are summarized in his fundamental principle of human behavior – without a purpose our only motivation is reward and punishment

Early in his consulting career a client once described Jim as a professional provoker. He does not deny the accuracy of the description. None of his clients will describe him as touchy-feely because his purpose-based approach gets bottom line results. He has proven there is a direct correlation between purpose and profit.

Jim has shared his purpose-based message with audiences around the world. Colleen Barrett, President Emeritus of Southwest Airlines, calls him her favorite "people provoker." Jim is also the author of Road Signs for Success: 99 Purposeful Principles to Guide You on the Road to Reaching Your Full Potential, publishes the Purpose Unlimited Digest and is a contributor to several magazines and blogs.

Jim is also involved in filmmaking, most recently as associate producer of Thirsty Land. He is currently executive producer of a film about the water crisis in the United States and is developing a concept for television.