"The members of our culture committee still rave about your visit. Thanks again for inspiring our People to reach their full potential and find their true purpose in life. Times are trying in the airline industry (as they are everywhere!) and your values and principles continue to hit home with all of the Southwest Warriors."

- Colleen Barrett, Southwest Airlines

"Jim did an amazing session with our management staff. He took time before his presentation to make sure he understood our needs. His personable, plain-spoken style is extremely effective. We will carry his message deep into our company and hopefully everyone can find their true purpose in life. Our culture will thrive when everyone understands and supports our purpose. Jim's book, Riding for the Brand, along with his guidance and instruction will get us to where we want to go as an organization."

- Dennis Squibb, Assistant Vice President of Farmers Specialty Claims

"We have gotten a lot of positive feedback from our people that your message was directed at them! Exactly what they needed to hear! And that they went right home and practiced roping their spouses! Thanks for your wit and charm and inspiration! You were a memorable complement to our team! Thank you for being there and being so precise with the planning and implementation! We appreciate you!"

- Marilyn Gardner, Beazer Homes

"He 'lassoed' the group at the start and kept them 'hog-tied' throughout the afternoon. He inspired, encouraged and made us think. We were reminded that we all have a purpose in life."

- Beverly May, Medical Group Management Association

"We could not have had a more appropriate message for our managers to take home with them. They have expressed how meaningful your words were to them. Preparation is so critical in your business, and you did your homework."

- Clyde Fulk, Farm Bureau Insurance Companies

"The participants really enjoyed the hands on approach you took with your presentation. One evaluation from the conference said, 'Jim Whitt was worth the cost of the conference alone.'"

- Cheyenne Cundall, Montana Stockgrowers Association

"The enthusiastic feedback from our clerks and managers is a tribute to the extraordinary level of professionalism and dedication that you brought to the program."

- Marvin Runyan, Postmaster General, United States Postal Service

Doug Hickey had achieved phenomenal success in business and Gerald Daniels was serving a life sentence in prison. But they both wanted to know the answer to the question every human being asks. The question may take many forms but it always boils down to, "What is my purpose in life?" You'll hear them describe how they found the answer and how their lives were transformed by the power of purpose.