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June 22nd, 2017, 9:19am Print this article

The 7 levels of leadership

My friend Kathy Wright has written an article entitled The 7 levels of leadership that is required reading for anyone who wants to understand what it takes to be an effective leader. I want to share the first two levels with you because you’ll learn what it takes to be an ineffective leader.

Leaders at Level 1 typically work in crisis mode because they tend to attract and focus on problems. They have no real plan for where they are going and communication skills tend to be poor with no ability to inspire or motivate others. They tend to have a poor self-image and work mostly in survival mode.

Level 2 leaders are authoritarians with a superiority complex. Because they believe they can do anything better than anyone else, they are always judging others. They put their needs before others and don’t give credit to anyone else. They micromanage and are bossy and condescending.

As Kathy observes, “Most of us have experienced leaders operating at Level 1 and Level 2. It is both exhausting and demoralizing to be in the presence of these leaders. Leaders operating from Levels 3-4 are much easier to work with. Those leading from Levels 5-6 are truly inspirational!”

So, what is it that these leaders do? Read more

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