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February 9th, 2017, 9:41am Print this article

Cut Through Interview BS With One Question

by Purpose Unlimited

As you probably know, in life, there are givers and takers – and it’s no different in organizations either!At the end of the day, givers are generous with their time, and are willing to help. Takers are the exact opposite. They are often self-serving, suck energy out of the life of your organization and its team members, and they are willing to climb on the shoulders of others to keep them down to advance their own success.

As a business owner or entrepreneur, it’s not difficult for you to determine which is better for the health and longevity of your company. If you have too many takers, look out! You’re going to be in trouble, if you aren’t already. Not only that, the self-serving nature of the takers on your team will negatively impact your givers over time. And that’s even more problematic.

Read Betsy Mikel’s article, entitled, “1 Interview Question That Cuts Through the BS to Reveal Someone’s True Character,” to learn…

  • Why every organization needs givers…
  • Why it’s tough to spot a taker on first impression…
  • How the answer reveals someone’s true character…

Read the Full Article: Inc.com

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