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September 4th, 2012, 10:45pm Print this article

Purpose-Based Business Approach Comes to Tulsa and Atlanta

By Jim Whitt

I’ve never seen a time in my life where there is more anxiety about the state of our economy than right now. We’ve been mired in an economic swamp since the meltdown of 2008.

And yet my business has gotten better each year since 2008. No, I don’t have a magic formula for creating wealth or I’d be selling it in an infomercial on TV.

The key to the success of the last four years is directly attributable to what I was doing for the 20 years before 2008. I was building a new business model. I was testing, tweaking and validating that model until there was no doubt that it worked.

“No army can withstand an idea whose time has come,” wrote Victor Hugo. And the time for a purpose-based approach to business is an idea whose time has come. And it works. But don’t take my word for it. Listen to what Mitch Counce, CEO at Servi-Tech has to say about how this approach impacted his bottom line in this 90 second video.

There are two events in October where I’ll be sharing my purpose-based approach to business with the public.

On October 3 I’ll be teaming up with Nathan Mitchell of Clutch Consulting for The Power of Purpose Workshop, a half day program in Tulsa. Click here for details and to take advantage of the early registration discount.

On October 26 I’ll be part of an all-star lineup of speakers for the Building Your Business in Any Economy: Maximizing Your Potential Conference in Atlanta. Click here for details and to take advantage of the early registration discount.

Who should attend? Only those who want to experience the results Mitch talked about in the video

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