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Archive for May, 2008

GREAT Customer Service

It seems like bad customer service gets the most attention … maybe because sometimes it seems that it’s much more common or normal than good customer service. I’ve noticed there are a lot of instances of fairly good customer service that we experience every day … the kind that is okay but nothing to write home about. The kind that is usually the norm for a lot of businesses. Well, there’s nothing “normal” about the customer service we get from Geek Rescue, a computer support business here in Tulsa.

May 31st, 2008 at 9:58am

Road Signs for Success – May 28, 2008

By Jim Whitt As this was our first trip to France we suffered from a perpetual state of directional disability. And that is how we met Michel. We wandered through the gate of a small cemetery not a stone’s throw from Omaha Beach in Normandy.  Michel did not speak much English but fortunately, Suedy, a friend of ours from the U.S. spoke a little French. So, with much hand signaling, exaggerated facial expressions and a few exchanges of French and English we were able to communicate. It turned out to be a most fascinating conversation.

May 31st, 2008 at 8:43am

Road Signs for Success – May 21, 2008

By Gerald Daniels  While driving through south Louisiana on a cool and rainy April afternoon I considered the topic I was going to speak on. The first draft of my notes for a speaking engagement with the men at Angola State Prison was complete. The introduction was light and welcoming, the body refreshing and alive, then the conclusion brought it all home. This topic was going to be well received, I had done my homework, was confident of its content, and in my ability to deliver the goods.

May 31st, 2008 at 8:41am

Road Signs for Success – May 14, 2008

By Kay Caldwell I read the following caption under a photograph of the Varsity Cheerleaders for Plano High School which is in Plano, Texas: “I trade sweat for strength, I trade doubt for belief, I trade cheerleading for nothing!” You may think that is just a little bit over the top but you have to remember that cheerleading — and football — are very big in Texas. And Plano has one of the most successful football programs in the country. Something stirred inside of me as I read this. It is a youthful mantra of commitment where fear is gone… Read More

May 14th, 2008 at 7:23am

Road Signs for Success – May 7, 2008

By Paula Lau  I trekked through my dining room trailing unfolded laundry, with a piece of homework that needed editing, while trying to balance a few dirty dishes in my arms and there I spied our dog, Sabrina. She was laid out on the floor in her characteristically supine position — sleeping. Blissfully unaware of her owner’s crazed condition. And, not for the first time, I thought (in the infamous words of Teresa Heinz) “I wish I were a dog.”

May 7th, 2008 at 11:32am

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